Friday, 9 September 2011


Steam in the forest.

My two favorite looks, steampunk + organic.
Which might indeed be how I will make my steampunk visage, nature reclaims steampunk?
going to have some fun defining patterns in the wood.
Then gray scale the steampunk in black inc. (might sepia it in photoshop afterwards)
As always, more plans, might get done might not.

Another thing I like, Small things.
Makes my hearth warm up and get all fuzzy like.

Some men like big things, I like small things.
Weird maybe, I do not know, only thing I've realized is that Texas is apparently not for me.

Theres been a lot of small epiphanies like that lately.

But lets save the more exiting ones for never so you lot can wonder more!

Vinter tomorrow, that girl seems to work alot, good for us, because that means she will keep posting her awesome drawings.


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