Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The technology of our age, makes us strong.

It went all funky on me, It was incredibly annoying!
In the middle of the coloring and the having the fun of going back to my darling Lilith.
Tablet just stops being pressure sensitive, tried restarting, tried installing the drivers and restarting again (and we are, on my system, talking 10min reboots).
In the end, I just wanted to work on it so much I just kinda went old-school on the image.

And I am so very not satisfied with the end result.
Tablet functions normally now though, so I went over quickly just to give it a little more POP.

Me not being satisfied is what spawned the other image though.
Lets pretend the viewer (you) to be my significant other.
I have just forgotten your birthday, so I need to say I am sorry.
So I buy flowers (because its cliche), the flowers would be that extra image.

God Kyrie you do keep typing do you not.

Vinter tomorrow, I like how she makes gray-scale seem finished, I always feel my gray-scales end up automatically unpolished.
Anyways more drawings soon!


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