Saturday, 17 September 2011

Hairy business.

A new PSsdrawing! Yey! Took me about five or six hours, not in one go, but spread throughout a day... jiees, and there's barely any background:P I be slow.

I had the sketch for a while, it just took me some time to actually sit down and paint it in Ps, because I'm slow like that as well...

The painting I was supposed to start on a few weeks back have been put on hold, until next week, when I have the WHOLE week of to finish of a commission and do some portfolio work as well as work on the secriiit project:)

Anyway, as Kyrie said, today is Drink and Draw! Which will be a good practise for me to draw in public as I kinda have a problem with that:P It makes me nervous of all things...

That's all for today, Kyrie be up tomorrow, I be at work then, but will come back strong on monday (I hope).

- Vinter

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