Thursday, 29 September 2011

Keyword: Cute

I love cute.
Theres no word to describe what I like in the world we all walk in better fit then "Cute".
It is simple, it is magical, it is most of the time 100% misleading.

It is what makes me able to smile pretty much all the time no matter whats up.

Now Today is an especially good day (this coming from a man who is blessed with nothing but good days), I feel like barfing flowers and rainbows and the like.
(sounds horrible? maybe, but it's easier then me trying to explain to all here just how incredibly happy I feel at this very moment.)

As for the actual painting, watercolor, 2b lead.
Some highlights digitally afterward (because it is impossibly fun to do!)

Wanted to challenge myself to paint some pink.
Whenever I add pink to Anything, I kind of feel lost regarding how I then balance the picture.
So I did something with pink! (because if you do what your comfortable with all the time you wont get anywhere)

Still at a loss though.
Not sure I balanced this picture either,
PINK! you color you!

Vinter will hopefully brave her work-hours from hell and bring us more lazy tomorrow!

O, and finally got myself an Deviant art
The ManlyMuffin! That is me.


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