Sunday, 4 September 2011

The super amasing awesome Halfwayman.

So, color yay!
Wanted to try out shading in photoshop, so I basically made this using watercolor.
Going to try defining the image and the lines trough shade and highlight.
A bit exited to see how that turns out.

The image is of a shady girl, with totally stolen hair from vinter
(Obvious inspiration is obvious?)

I like thinking of her as sort of a environmental healer, walking around the battlefield killing of the remaining soldiers so the world will be rid of the poeple so sadly scared by reality.

Watch out, to grim a world view and she might just come and end your misery.

Since I could not scan a wet watercolor image, I sat down just hastily drawing Mithrila/Rose
from bounty.
This would be her more sinister redesign I did a long time ago.
Tried having some dynamic in the image trough her hand.
Success or not I wanted to give the lazy lookers something more to look at.

Now, Vinter is up tomorrow.
I already feel the cogs moving.


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