Saturday, 3 September 2011

Choke on my PIPE!

(If you're based in Oslo, join us at D&D)

So, while Kyrie gets declarations of love and others just graduate from university with a bachelor in arts I wish I had (next year I tell you!), I'm sitting at home alone on a saturday feeling rather silly, waiting for my potatoes to boil and be ready for eating...

Luckily, I have the two disc edition of Hellboy to enjoy before going to bed...

I apparently get worked up by nothing... I hate kids at the metro/underground/t-bane (which ever you prefer) with their nasty, dirty and smelling shoes on the seats opposite them. Sometimes I wish I had the guts to go over and tell them to put their feet off the seats, and if they don't, take a steel pipe and brake their kneecaps.

Kyrie brings it tomorrow.

- Vinter


  1. That hair is totaly hot...

  2. Why thank you kyrie:P

    Thank you SomeoneFromThePast. Who ever you are, be you someone I despise, a lost friend or an old flame, that was very nice of you to share. Looks rather interesting :)