Sunday, 25 September 2011

Shirtless Work in progress.

KK, so a Work in progress here.
Needed more the 4 hours It would seem, still seems to be turning out nicely.

Lilith, yes, girl from eh? 2 post ago? (my post that is)

Figured she needed a story, so. steampunk demonhunter, with the must have imp.
And thats pretty much it there.

Why she is laking clothing on her upper body?
Because she wasn't expecting demons when she's getting dressed.
But why did I choose this moment in time to immortalize her?
Because I can!
Sweet, sweet, sugary power.

Anyways, hope you all enjoy, and I'll try my first attempt at 2 session sit down tomorrow.
Hopefully this will be finished my next post.

Vinter is up for tomorrow.
(and can I say that all this inspiration is doing wonders for lazy's artwork)
(mhm total self clap on shoulder)


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