Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Bringing it down.

To the Lazy level... Since we've had two great posts this past two days, I thought it was time for me to pull the quality down a bit, this is lazy after all!

The reason for the lateness you ask? I was working all sunday, after a drink and draw and a 30th birthday party for a friend on saturday and three hours of sleep! When I got home on sunday night I was beetroot (Hah, see what I did thar?).

Drink and draw was nice, only two people showed up, not included me. These be Kyrie and Anita.

Two of the pages I did at the drink and draw, the last one I did today.

BTW, I'm really looking forward to Diablo 3^^ Looks so like so much fun!

I was at Kyries place today, and I showed him a trick with the tablet^^ Hope to see lots more on that front:)
Other than that I was to hungry to draw:P We watched Firefly instead.

- Vinter

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