Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Dame De Lotus

Mmm poison gas, how I do adore the aspect of being killed by you.
Of course if my killer would be blond and dressed as above manner, I might just think of that as a good end.

The Lady Lotus is a botanist who ends up having to fight to save her green house.
As this world is the world of bounty she is of course a clever woman (all the women in bounty are strong individuals) So she creates a lethal gas from a lotus flower and kills an entire party of raiders.
Now this of course gets her a bounty, as one of the dead has family in the upper levels of society.

Not wanting to leave her greenhouse she instead filled the entirety of the complex with the lotus gas, ever the bane of would be bounty hunters trying to collect what they believe to be an easy bounty.

More story to her, but I don't want to make this post into a short novel!

A little digital work of basic watercolors, Vinter showed me some cool tricks so I think I am getting the hang of the tablet now (thank the gods for helpful individuals)

Looking forward to showing you all more! (quality WILL stay high!)
And what I hear about Vinters post tomorrow has me exited, so look forward to that.


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