Monday, 19 September 2011

Climbing stairs at a slow pace.

Yay, something worth actually showing for once.
Thats what happens when everyone around me seems to be picking up the pace, forces me to prove to (at the very least myself) I am capable of more then just gray lines of boredom.

So I guess I can promise that if the level is going to be that high, I just have to play better ball.

Still in it for some practice though, so did the couple in the image digitally (why I am posting late)
Speaking of them
boy is me, because I like to envision myself with pretty girls (I do love them you know, all of them) and because the clock there has a symbolic reference to my life.
The girl would be Lilith, and god I do want to marry that name, I mean you might be totally uninteresting but if your names Lilith then I am your bitch.

Hope everyone is enjoying lazy new found focus!
Vinter will bring more excellence tomorrow, and probably inspire even more work from me.


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