Tuesday, 10 January 2012

More concepts for my Empire army.

Thinking about how to make the dancer, theres two sisters.

The seer
The Dancer

I've actually made the seer, but she ended up way to mundane, and she was freakishly tall.
Towering over the already freakishly tall Dead Tower.

Soooooo, yeaaaaah.

But I've been making models all day so its looking good!
Means this drawing might seem a little quick though. (wasn't, I can't draw if I start late)

Anyways, the Dancer will get her model, and her shot at glory, god knows my chaos empire hasn't actually prospered.

Anyways, with all that jargon, and in-jokes I better finish with a random personal fact.

I like elevator music, perhaps because I identify with it.
The noise thats kind of there, making everyone feel just slightly better, but as soon as your aware that it is there, and its function, it gets annoying...Unless you like elevator music.

Vinters up tomorrow, more work for her?
Seems only yesterday she was in for a break, good luck I guess.


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