Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Yes, today I've been super hungover, to the point where it's going to be a very veeeery long time before I drink again:p

The plan for today was to go and draw with kyrie, but as my parents hijacked my bf and me yesterday and bought us drinks till we dropped yesterday, I had to pas. Which made me a little sad, but that means we'll have to take it another time!

Anyway, who holds the key? Is it hidden away in a safe place? Or maybe it's in plane sight?

I dunno, tell me if you find out...

- vinter


  1. Well if it's you then I would think the key to your heart would be held by your bf.
    Sorry to hear of your err...illness. Best thing, Hair Of The Dog - although I must admit, that has never worked for me.
    Great drawing.

  2. Thank you stew, I'm glad you like the drawing. And yes, I would say my bf's got my key:) Although the lady seems to have forgotten where she put hers.
    No, you're right, all I could do was sleep.
    But cheers anyway