Saturday, 7 January 2012

Calendar and ponderings.

Today is my last day as a 23 year old! (the 7th is my birthday) And I'm sitting here, wondering where my life went...

It's been one and a half year since I graduated, and I still haven't put together a decent portfolio... Am I going to be stuck as a waitress/barmaid for the rest of my life?

I've had a few illustrators tell me that one can expect five years of dryness before you start to get anywhere with your illustration career... Sounds horrific...

Good thing one of my new years resolutions is to have a portfolio done before march!
But then again, didn't I make that resolution last year as well...?

What ever, I'll at least try to get some where in 2012..

Anyway, these two drawings are for a calendar I'm making, since it's a new year I need a new calendar to keep up with time and deadlines (not that I have so many of them...), I also like to keep track of when I'm working at my day job and other stuff.

So yah, my bf and me in the two first winter months, January and February.

That was my rant for today, make sure to stay tuned tomorrow for some more kyrie goodness^^

- Vinter

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