Saturday, 28 January 2012

Sulathi and Lady

Vinter said Nightaru!
Funny wunny, so some time ago I used to play blay Final fantasy wantasy online.

Itaru is a beautifully world, and after struggling for 2 week of constantaru playing I managed to make Sula'thula a dragoon.

And the proud Wyvern was named lady weidy.

Yes, all in-game Tarutaru npcs spoke like that.
Needless to say, I would still be playing it but my computer broke down, and 4 months after I learnt that If your account was inactive for more then 3 months you get cancled, and...

Theres no way to restart the subscription.
So Not wanting to leave Sulathi behind, I ended up crying on the inside and moving on, in stead of making a new character.

It was such a good game.
To bad FF14 seems to be getting a bad rep.
Otherwise id invest in a new computer and get to playing.

Vinters up for tomorrow, can she match the tarutaru-madness of today way?


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