Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Lead head.

So my brain decided that after 3 hours of sleep it had had more then enough, and promptly began to dream.

Before I woke up I dreamt of a dude taking a bet to sit down in an ants hive, except it was not ants, it was giant wasp
that moved really slowly, but still made the buzzing sound.
When I saw his silent scream vanish in wasp the dream suddenly phased out as to do something new, where my mind went;
"WAIT! surly that means death"

And I awoke.
So being eternally curious I ended up on facebook because some serious stuff was going down yesterday and I did not get the rapport!
Ever pleased as my answer had arrived I put on some soothing music, and tried to sleep with my newly equipped smile.

BUT damn people I think A lot.
Spent a small eternity thinking myself in a spiral.
As the thoughts vent darker and harder, I decided to try write some stuff down.

At which point that kind of ended up in what you see here.
So, yeah self portrait.
Hope you enjoy!

Now, I am posting this early which makes me feel bad because I really liked Vinters last entry, so please go look at it!
Reason I am posting is that I am sick if this drawing and want it to be done so I hopefully can rest my little sweet mind.

So yeah, doing that now.

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