Monday, 21 May 2012

The Gunsmith

Yeah, A hint of something dark.
Took a lot, and I mean a lot of focus to grab hold of those emotions again.

So Endlessly pleased with myself that I managed to get it onto paper.

Hope you enjoy the change in flavor!

Now, for something more trivial.
The end of a teacup is so incredibly forgettable.

Every late night drawing session I have I always accompany by some late night tea
(tends to be whatever black tea), I always let it sit for a little bit too long,
and then drink it in a frenzy as I realize that;
"Ah, I made tea because I am awesome".

After that initial bit of ego-tripping realization I promptly forget that I had not finish the cup,
and mentally check the box for; "remember to drink tea" as done.

So when I eventually get thirsty and panic as there are no beverages around I remember my still full of beautiful liquid tea cup
And start drinking what by now might be classified as iced-tea.

Rant over I guess.
Point you ask?


Vinter is up for tomorrow, not sure we will get the world though, she seems overworked.
Patience for the lazy, and rewarded we will be.


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