Thursday, 17 May 2012


Meet Miss-Swedish-with-a-honest-face.

She likes to fancy us all animals, beast within and all that.
And her joy at the mention of the Chameleons was ill concealed.
Course I've never meet a person so in need of airspace so the wings just made sense.

This is mind you not what I was really going to draw, originally this was just going to be a chameleon with some wings.
But you know, I've drawn my share of dragons, did not feel like having a swirly-tailed dragon to that stack of papers.

I think the best part of having a tail is how much easier the howl hugging yourself thing gets.
Need to work on that kind of plastic surgery, pay-worthy.

Anyways, Vinters gone all sneaky ninja on us again, that and she made me go to MC.D and get a milkshake.
Will she indirectly steal for my valet tomorrow?
Find out right here! Lazy inhouse.


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