Monday, 28 May 2012

Of the Black widow Clan.

If you where to ask my what my favorite fantasy race is.

I would not answer Dwarf for their stubborns.
I would not answer Elf for the elegance.
I would not answer Dragon for their magnificence.

I would answer Goblin for their mischievous attitudes.

I love the goblin.
The survivalism
The underhanded optimism
The creativity
The constant smile

They know they ain't worth much, they know they'd loose in pretty much any scenario, but you can bet.
You can bet that one scenario is the one their scheming to take you down with.

This is BTW how far I can take the color without my computer starting to cry and die horribly whiles screaming my name.
Gotten a new surge of inspiration (shouldn't have said that) lately, so I've been enjoying the drawings a a lot.
Have another drawing pretty much ready to go already.

Anyways, hope you enjoy.

Vinter is back for more lazy tomorrow.
Let us marvel at that in the early hours!


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