Sunday, 13 May 2012

Senjorita Mustagè and Senjor Goldenfjör


So cute!
I must have one...

So awesome!

Anyways, had this one done since yesterday, purely laziness on my part that ended up with it getting no colors.
I've just been feeling weird all day long, and it has left me with absolutely no creative energy.

That and I cut my nails, which leave em feeling all awkward-like, cant operate fine pencil strokes with them awkward fingers.
Blame Swedish-with-a-honest-face for the Mustage BTW, weird little humanoid.
Then again todays post might have been mighty terrible if not for her so you can praise her for that.

Stupid Anime show did not give me what I demanded.
Guess I should've asked nicely, but you know I figured it be safe to demand as there was no one to really hear me.
I will not give up though, It must happen!

Chibi-Vinter should return tomorrow! (wishful thinking)
Or something flashy and fun, we will once tomorrow hits, perhaps know!

1 more episode??????????


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