Thursday, 31 May 2012


It takes very, very little to make me happy.
By that standard it takes a moderate effort to make me ecstatic.

I love life and I love living it.

I adore tragedy, I paint with emotion, I deligt at fear, I dance in imagination.
If I had a mental illness it might be something along the lines of
"Just a little tooooooooo happy".

No matter the situation, its after all just a point of view, just a choice.
You might at some times choose to be unhappy, but that choice should in fact make you happy.
YOU where free to choose it.

Haha, rambling aside, I wanted to do a more cartoony stile then I've done the last entries, go swimming in my appreciation of
simple features and charming animation.

Hope you enjoy, and Yay, for double early post!

And now let us drink some water and wait patiently for Vinter to give us more artwork to glare and wonder at.

Mats O.~

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