Thursday, 10 May 2012


Early post!

Heck yeah, Had an positively awesome day.
Slept long, eat food, drew this.

Thats it, and thats awesome.
Had plans for something with a little more bedazzle.

But you know ended up doing this one because of the peoples.
Mister Remi-mentor-san told me to focus on hands, so I wanted to do something that used the hands to express emotion or say something more then just being body decoration.
Miss Vinter-herself-of-lazy-fame gave me brown paper and a color pencil I just had to use.
And Miss Swedish-with-a-honest-face has me wanting to draw faces and think about birds all the time.

Result is this piece of La-di-da (what does that even mean?)

Now so I can go back to something bedazzling, I will leave you all.

Vinter went all like crazy pro on us yesterday, if she follows it up, I will promise to do a morning session till my next lazy.
So wait in excitement to tomorrow when Vinter unveils her next lazy-inhouse post!


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