Saturday, 5 May 2012

A moments rest.

So much alike Vinter I too had to do some back-stock this entry.
This is just some quick concepts and design based drawings for the latest lazy entries.
Just a sett of sketches that allow me to fail, so I can draw more freely.

Quite important when my drawing is very dependent on my trusting my instinct, drawing the line where it needs to go, not where I want to put it.

Yeah, Guess thats all I have to say, Sleep now.
Ganna be golden.
Have had a creative little flower dumped into my life, enjoying watching that grow.

Lets se if we can make it into a marvel of Illustration.
But meanwhile, Vinter takes her turn to blind and bedazzle the audience with her tricks of the trade.

Kyrie ponders on whether or not to sleep in the chair.

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