Wednesday, 9 May 2012



I love dreaming, in fact I am pretty sure my life is something like 70% dreaming, 30% sustenance so I can dream some more.

Course some times I dream of brain-tails that eat your brain-stem and are a big part of society where only I think it disgusting.
Not only that, but when the brain-tail is grown up it dies, falls of and starts spilling blood all over, now when you get thrown on you by your brother it is logical that you'd need a wash.

And since you got blood in your mouth you need to take a good solid sweep of tooth cleaning liquid, just to feel clean.
Panic when you realize you can't spit it out, so you force yourself to spit...

Only to wake up with spit on your arm.
God morning world, ah its glorious to be part of you!

Hope you enjoy the lazy
Hope Vinter wooooooooooooooooooooo's us tomorrow.

Hope I dream of pretty ladies, and not brain-tails.

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