Saturday, 26 May 2012

A doll for grandma, Baggygirl, She who hunts.

Heard a little piece of though provoker today, that made me draw this one.
lingering effect need to get one the paper, and you know, any reason to draw a sweet face.

I seriously love baggy pants on girls, might be something wrong with me, but its just plan awesome.
Simple up top, baggy and detailed down bellow.

Also tried to do some more alternative hairstyle for once, really having some fun with the "let the anime show" attitude.
Makes drawing more enjoyable for me.

Course all these could do with some more time invested into the coloring, but I just do not dear to color them on the computer, as thats a dangerous game.
And doing it all watercolor is fun, but time-consuming.

Got some feedback that lazy is lacking some color though so need to get on that.

Been a weird couple days, my moods been 2 days off, 1 day on, the last like week or so, totally confusing.
Body in general feeling like I should treat it nicer.

Nah, I'll go rant over now.
Listening to some Film-sack from frog-pants, so thinking with talking dudes in your head ain't all that simple.

VINTER will sketch us tomorrows!
Is what I am guessing anyways, lets see.

Yes, the amount of images is my apology to the lazy viewer-ship.


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