Saturday, 12 May 2012

Meh, skeetches.

HELLO LAZYYYY! I've just had my dinner! And now I'm full of soup and warmness and kinda sleepy...

Being a proper lazy, I'll only give you sketches today... I've been hard at work with a new storyboard, which has taken up most of my creativeness for today. I hope to finish it tomorrow, so that I have time for some revisions and extras if that's needed:)

I did want to colour the girl with the hood though, maybe I'll have time for that on sunday! Seeing as I'm back to work on monday D:

Anyway, my bf is currently hanging over my shoulder and want's us to go to bed... so I guess I have to go to bed then.


Kyrie brings sketches then tomorrow, seeing as I was a bad lazy and gave silliness... But they'll be  pretty awesome anyway, I can almost assure you of that^^

- Vinter

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