Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Good day, I am the one know as Kyrie!

This site is ment to focus on illustration, and to watch two young illustratiors develop and (hopefully) take over the world. (humor, it is allowed)
And trust me in due time it will!

But today marking the first post on this blog, marking the start of something grand.
Was all about technical difficulties.

So many a problem just to get the picture scanned, and in all honesty the picture it self is stressed and less then what it could be, due again technical difficulties at work.
Now, not one to complain TOO much.

Picture above would be one of many samples from "bounty".
I am trying to make the world around a set of characters seem more real and fleshed out, so to begin with at Lazy-Inhouse I will post some teases of "project bounty".

Anyways too many words, so finished after terrible scannerWar.
Have a good night, and trust in the fact that Vinter will bring exellence tomorrow!


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