Wednesday, 15 August 2012


So as I spent about seven hours in a tattoo studio yesterday, taking drawing assignments to see if I had drawing skills enough to become a tattoo apprentice, my hand was a bit sore last night, and today I spent most of the day washing down our old flat and driving around the country side with my bf singing along to The Clash, The Cure and Emilie Autumn! It was really fun, and it feels great that my bf finally got his drivers license^^

Aside from drawing for lazy, I actually have a lot to do... And it's stressing me out, because I really want to do a good job, but there's so much, and all I can think about is how much work I have to do D:

Anyway, I'm a bit annoyed at myself for not taking any pictures of the drawings I did yesterday at the studio, as I would have had five drawings for future lazy...

Oh well, have a drawing with a skull and a flower on it... And a key hole for some reason...

Now it's bedtime for me.
But Kyrie will certainly be back tomorrow with som lazy, catch up then!

- Vinter

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