Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Monkeybusiness PART 2

Well, sorry for the lateness...

I've been working on a new version of the monkeybusiness drawing! With a bit more scenery and movement and not cut so oddly.

Still not done though. And I've got work the next two days... BUT I HAVE TO FINISH IT! or I never will... I know myself a bit too well. So I'll be bringing my drawing tablet to work and work it at mums place!

Here's a few wips up to where it's at now. I'm hoping that a few more hours is all I need to finish this. Hate lingering on unfinished drawings... makes me feel a bit incomplete myself..

That was about it for today. But don't you worry, Kyrie will be back in no time, tomorrow, so come back then for the lazy king!

- Vinter

EDIT: OH WOW BLOGGER!! what did you do to my drawings D: oh well, the colours look a bit weird... will make sure next wip or finished drawing will have better colours.

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