Sunday, 19 August 2012


Today was bad... It started out pretty good actually, was social with jointless which I haven't seen in like, one and a half year, and I got a lot of work done... Commissioned work...

Then, when I decided it was time for relaxation drawing, I suddenly forgot how to draw...

All aboard the fail boat!

I started like.. ten drawings.. all of them utter cow turd, which made me want to rip my hair out.
Really wanted to do some concept drawing for two projects I have some plans for, I had it all figured out two days ago.

Guess that means I just have to draw it down and complete it within a few days or I'll loose my track. Stupid brain... Stupid hands... STUPID EYES AND ALL THE REST!!!! 

so here, have a skull in a suite, before I end up too insane in the brain... Heavily inspired by Mike Mignola, I think...

Kyrie is back tomorrow, maybe he can help us lift the lazy! \o/ TUNE IN THE FOR AWESOME TIME!!!

- Vinter slams her head on the desk... about twenty times, before she drags her clumsy hands and bleeding forehead to bed.

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