Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Pokefy Me

So I've little money this month, so I'm working on a project to make me something extra whiles not taking away from all the things I should be doing.

This is pokefy me.

Ideea is that I draw you as a trainer for 200 kr
As long as you supply me with

What spirit from the game you want to look like (bug-catcher, lass, ace trainer, andsoforth)
What spirit from the game you want to be named after (same)

What pokemon you want to be shown with, and the pokemons mood
What pokeballs you are using
What element you want in the background.

And a picture if you want your likeness.
Any notes if you want specific changes (max 3)

The above images is me messing around with the style of them.
First one is me doing the steps.

Ace trainer generation (3?, don't remember now)
Artist (this will be featured in text in the finished picture)

Wigglytuff + Focused/Ready
Normal pokeballs

Something like that.
Will post a finished image at a later date so you all can see where I am going with this.
If your interested E-mail or comment


Huh, that felt oddly official like.
Vinter has her time to shine tomorrow.

I will say good night!

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