Thursday, 13 September 2012


FULL VIEW PLEASE, that way you'll actually see what it's supposed to look like.

Hmm, I might end up doing something with the whole... circle thingy in the background..

or maybe not..

I just bought a new Super Mario t-shirt, and I finished Bastion... This is mildly inspired by both...

The tree looks a bit unfinished, so does the grass. And the background... MEH! Just wanted to make something fun that I could put up on my portfolio... breath some new life in it, but I dunno... 

I planned on going to another life drawing session today, but turns out I'm currently out of money. So, had to skip it today. Hopefully I can get some scraps together til next time:)

Well well, Kyrie comes back tomorrow with some more bizarre drawings, Or cute, OR awesome (well, the drawings are always awesome, but you know, maybe super awesome!), or plain for that matter... It all depends upon the tiring work of tiredness. I think...

- Vinter

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