Thursday, 6 September 2012

Super crazy anime supa anime virus.

So this is the last drawing I did today, was sick, so sitting and drawing is pretty much the only thing I've felt comfortable doing.

After looking at some inspiration I ended up looking at Anime Pvc statues.

And got the need to draw Anime.

Wanted to see how far down the path I could go.
And to be fully claimed all I am missing is a bit more nudity.

Couldn't quite draw that comfortably.

After the seriousness of the first drawing I needed to just draw whatever.
I wanted to

Do clothes
Do Fox
Do Shorter hairdo

This is the end result.

And this here is where we started.
Its a concept picture for the comic, and it has actually story in it.


I know right.
Some times at lazy-inhouse-ILLUSTRATION, we Illustrate!
Anyways, hope you all enjoy the largeness,

I will now sleep, if I has sense.
Draw myself as a league of legends champion, if I am senseless.

Vinter prolly knows what is most likely.
She'll return tomorrow and dazzle us with her pencil skills.


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