Friday, 1 July 2011


Yay 100.

Feels kinda funny, I mean thats a lot of lazy uploads from me!
Anyways Spiritalist or something.
Part of the cult, YES you though I was stoned, (I am in fact never stoned, and I am insulted that you would think so) but in truth I was truthfully full of truth.

And it does not end there I also created an celebration thingy, supposed to look a little like the Urge intense Logo, but I got lazy and felt that that worked just fine for a lazyInhouse celebration.

Anyways, Me ganna draw a little more.
but first I will play some demon souls.

Mmmmm yes, treat me like your bitch evil game.

Vinter will show us the hippster light tomorrow!
But I was total at Hove before it was cool *puts hippster glasses down*


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