Monday, 4 July 2011

Tittel? Tittel? This is Tittel!

Actully ment to go with an older image of Scarf, but I was Not-very-much pleased with the way they looked together.

Ariella from the back, killing things gracefully.
If at all possible, theres a lot of mess when you kill things you know.

Not that I know, but you know.

Ah, I feel like being annoying today it seems.
Might be because Opera just made it so I have to use IE/insert alternative in stead because I can not log on to blogger with the Opera browser.

Which renders me without my trusted correction program.
Damn be my faith.


Vinters drawing last night was so good that I actully felt ashamed.
Thats cool right ;)
More from her tomorrow (getting sick of writing tomorrow, need to "the sarus" that)

Kyrie suffle to the side.

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