Thursday, 14 July 2011


A quick one I did while watching a Donato Giancola vid I bought the other day at the TAD sale, I do recommend it^^ It can be found HERE

A little gnome in a tree, playing the pan flute, with a girl walking in the woods.
Practicing scenery. The composition looks off but MEH, it is practice sketch after all...

Now it's soon time for me to head of to Kyries place, to meet his beloved and a friend of his, will also be bringing my better half^^ A nice little gathering.

Kyrie up next (HA, see how I avoided the tomorrow thing)!

- VInter


  1. I see what you did Thaaar..:p hehe

    Still haven't nudged my but into buying them those vids, but i just had to spend like 480 NOK on acrylics and a new watercolor pad..:S