Thursday, 21 July 2011


Early Lazy for me as well!

A Coworker/Friend lent me an art tablet, so I've been playing with some coloring this entire morning, mind you he also challenged to an "artoff". (Coworker/Friend = I do not really know the person, but lending expensive equipment to random people seems like friend like behavior)

For this image I was meant to do an "Clear female, heavy armour, obvious bad woman"
My first time touching a tablet in like forever so not at all pleased with the result, but hey, the more to work on the more room for improvement!
(Note of shame: I also got so sick of all the clear faults that I washed my hands early)

Anyways if you want to take a look at the opposing artwork his blog is here:

May we pray I do get beat to a pulp!

Vinter will show more stuff You Know When.

Kyrie needs to draw more, and more, and more.

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  1. Hi! Co-workerdude here. Glad to see you're settling in with the new tech( which I totally wouldn't have lent you if I thought I wouldnt meet you again soon!). Always a pleasure to help a fellow artist, though. As for the challenge, I'd say you've done very well on all objectives here!

    Warhammer universe: Check
    Heavy armor: Check
    Looks like youve given sufficent thought in regards to the functionality of the armor as well as sheer shinyness, which is all "thumbs-up"-like. Nice work on the shading as well. It feels like metal, and theres no doubt about it.

    I'f there's anything I'd like to point out it'd have to be the expression of the character which could be even more sinister!

    Exellent work, overall ;)

    oh, and Extra points for the happy-go-lucky hellhound in the front!