Monday, 25 June 2012


"Don't beg for things. Do it yourself, or else you won't get anything."
- Eureka 7

Love it, and know it.

Problem on the other hand being that I rarely want things enough to put in any effort.
Which means I won't get anything, which is no real problem as I kind of have everything I need already.

Still these small bits of "heck yeah" inspirations makes me have just that Lil spark of ambition, and then you see me draw for practice.

Today was foreshortening and photo-shop practice time!
Hope you all enjoy.

I've bought myself a new set of headphones, which are immensely awesome.
should've bought cordless though, dancing whiles plugged into the stereo gets awkward sometimes.

Now, Our king, queen and goddess, returns tomorrow, ensure that you all sit awaiting and have polished your shoes.

I have not, but Im a gambling man.


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