Friday, 8 June 2012

*glee*, Father Nature, no-name.

So I've had the day of, so delved into some Anime.
Which just meant I had to draw some cute little Anime thing.

So simple, so fun, and Yes, that is me fanboying to the right.
Id, link the ending of the series I was watching so you all could understand where this is coming from.

But you know, I might die of embarrassment.

Then we have a stylistic change, Can't draw Anime all day without adding some counterweight.
So Father of nature was just me doing something a bit more advanced then Anime.

He's got a feeling around him, that was hard to capture in the drawings.
Guess I need to work on that.
But hey, still getting used to the entire coloring a lot thing.

Hopefully if post nr 1 disturbed you, this one leaves you with a balanced mind.

And finally, cant draw cute and innocent without having the opposite a little later.
So we made this, bit cheap, could've done so much more and better with this idea, but first of.
Bit unsure what would be kosher for me to upload on lazy.
Its not at all easy watching subbed Anime whiles you draw, thankfully the series serious plot points are plain ignorable.
I just like saying firstly :P

So that was my drawing day, hope you find something you can enjoy.
I for one want a super digital uber sketch time of doom, always doom, session soon.

But in the meantime Vinters gone all mystical on us again.
hope to get some revelations tomorrow.


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