Monday, 18 June 2012

Mutual gain.

Patiance, it is really essential when you want to draw.

Try and draw something fast and you'll never get on the right track.
Takes your time and let the drawing happen.

Forcing it out just ends with a really sad piece of wasted tree.
Unless, you have a clear idea on what your ganna do.
Forcing that out is duable.

I am so much better at biological shapes because I lack the patiance to do hard mechanical lines.
You need focus on a line supposed to be streight, wheres a biological line can kind of just happend, and look good for it.

So a little leftover inspiration from the honestfaced lady.
Been listening to a woman talk so fast that in the end it ends up being a background humm.
Guessing that when I turn it of my heads going to have a dail-tone.

Anyways, hope you enjoy.
And hope the images makes you think and wonder as to the nature of it all.

Vinter back tomorrow, working hard as the only none lazy part of lazy.
Look forward to that!

(no spell-check today, no idea why)

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