Wednesday, 13 June 2012

And the only Rule:

"You must not touch"

Ah, the amount of money saved by the mere virtue of being able to draw it all.

I have a stupid mind.
It might be considered smart, but by considering it smart it only seems all the more stupid.

I know, and think on pretty much everything I do, I have reason and I have choices.
This however does not really seem to matter when it gets down to it.

No matter what I have though, no matter what the most logical plan was, no, it matters not even the great debts of scenarios I foolproffed.
In the end I just go with the hearth.

So obviously the mind must be stupid, for to work that hard, only to say; "Immmmmm outta here" at the time to shine seems horribly practical an excuse.

And at this point rather annoying.

Yeah, thats right I shared that with you all.
Now My Mommy has her birthday today!
Happy birthday to her, I love my mommy very much!

Vinters up for tomorrow, may she do my mommy-day honor and give us all awesome stuff.
Cant wait.


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