Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The spikey mech bit.

First up a collaborative effort, Vinter colored this one, Yay!
Looking awesome, got myself some tips and tricks for the next time I go all gong ho on le photoshop.

This one is one of the other 2.

And guess what, this is the other one.

Yes, thats how tired I am ATM.
Guess that goes to show that sleeping 4 hours and dreaming like crazy is not how the divine meant for us to spend our nights.

More madness for you lot though, thats all fine and dandy.

Yeah, totally gonna call it quits now because this is not working as anything except hilarity for me and Vinter.
So nights from me,

Moooooore Vinter tomorrow, awesome!
Work today, work tomorrow (evil)


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