Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Color me green and natural

I really like roller-skates, Never used them more then once, I tend to overestimate my skill at something once I get into it.
So I imagined me on roller-skates would be me a little more then naturally into a solid wall.

Painful mental images.
But drawing it is fun though, I need to see Vinter work on le-photoshop again.
Need to siphon more knowledge, this is me trying to use the eraser toll more.

Hope you like.

This on just kind of happened, was really enjoying the sketching part of the first image so, when I finished to pencil part, I grabbed a new paper and kind of jazzed.

Course it looked Awesome, then I went and overworked it a little.
But in the end its still kind of a fun image with some seriously weird poseing going on.

And thats me lazing today.
I really enjoy napping BTW.
Just lying down on the bed and sleeping 1 hour at the most impractical times of day.

So fun, and pleasing to know, that I CAN do it.

Hope you all enjoy the lazy, hope you all have had an awesome day.
Vinter will deliver her lazy tomorrow, hope she's not petrified by work and private things.


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